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About Me

10 Things About Me

#10 - I am retired public school administrator.  I started as a 3rd grade teacher, became an elementary principal, then JH/HS principal, then finished my education career as an assistant superintendent.

#9 - I am married to my high school sweetheart - Clinton.  We've been married for 30 years!

#8 - We have one son - Russell - who is married to our wonderful daughter-in-law Hannah.

#7 - My dogs Charlie (Schnauzer) and Truman (poodle mix) are my other boys!

#6 - I like to use exclamation points and lists a lot! 

#5 - I love to go camping!  State parks are my happy places!

#4 - I have a sister that was born on the day I graduated from high school!

#3 - I am obsessed with Google maps!  I spend hours everyday virtually traveling!

#2 - I love to try new recipes every single day!

#1 - I am a Christian and my faith in God is what really makes me a Happy Camper!

What is Happy Camper Life?

I created this blog years ago when we bought another fixer upper and I wanted to document our progress on our house, as well as share some recipes.  When after I retired, I deleted all my old posts and focused solely on travel.  Now I think I've finally settled on a mission with Happy Camper Life.  After much soul-searching, I decided what excites me the most is inspiring others to live happier lives but without spending a lot of money.  I truly love a good bargain - when traveling, when shopping, when eating.  So you will see a variety of topics here - budget travel, budget shopping, budget decorating, budget eating - because in the end I think we all want to live a HAPPY CAMPER LIFE!